History RePPPeated: How public private partnerships are failing

From the complete failure of the Castor project in Spain, to an overpriced hospital in Sweden, projects financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) make no exception to the list of PPP disasters compiled in this new joint report lead by Eurodad network, with the participation of ODG.

The report exposes how PPPs across the world drain the public purse, and fail to deliver in the public interest.

History RePPPeated: How public private partnerships are failing, launched on the occasion of the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank, has been written by experts across four continents from organisations including Counter Balance. They expose the negative impacts of PPPs that have often caused misery to local communities. The report shows that multilateral development banks, such as the...


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Impunity "made in Europe"

As the UN Open Ended Inter Governmental Working Group (OEIGWG) convenes to negotiate a long awaited international treaty to address corporate impunity, the European Union has emerged as a key opponent to the introduction of binding regulations for transnational corporations, and a stubborn defender of voluntary norms that have proven to be inefficient and insufficient. As this report shows, this...


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Joint Open Letter to EIB Governors

Barcelona, June 18th 2018: Main demands for the BEI


Articule published by La Información: El Castor empaña el 60 cumpleaños del BEI tras garantizar y financiar el proyecto.


Dear EIB Governors, The EIB is turning 60, a venerable age. As a public lender for both private and public investments, the European Union (EU)’s Bank has historically played a pivotal role in strengthening the EU’s cohesion which is a goal ultimately benefitting European citizens. Over the last decade the Bank has been called to serve an ever expanding macroeconomic role in the EU, backed by...


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Citizens for Financial Justice - EU DEAR project

ODG is part of this EU DEAR project.

Web site:

Informing and connecting citizens to act together to make the global finance system work better for everybody.

Currently the global financial system increases inequality, often fails to create decent jobs, undermines human rights, devastates the environment and is creating debt crises. The driving force behind all of these problems is that the institutions that control finance do not serve the majority of citizens across the globe. We need a financial system that works for all and is democratically...


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What comes to your mind when you think about Natural Gas?

¿En qué piensas cuando piensas en Gas Natural? #GasNaturally

Natural Gas is being promoted as the 'transition' fuel to renewables.
When it burns, it has fewer emissions than oil or coal, but there are other hidden impacts...

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Can Natural Gas be the energy transition fuel? This is what lobbies and economic-political interests are selling us, but when leaks spill over 3% in the supply chain, gas has no longer a climate benefit over to coal, and it is nevertheless a finite fossil fuel. The name "natural gas" can lead to misunderstanding, since it masks the fact that this fossil fuel is made up of methane by approximately...


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DebtHub - access development funding agencies' databases.

"DebtHub" is a web application for visualising, consulting and exporting macro-economic data on debt, from a critical perspective.

Discover it here:

We have worked on upgrading this tool, which shows a world map and dynamic charts with the evolution of a set of indicators for each selected country. The data comes directly from the World Bank's database and is always updated . These development indicators allow a first analysis of different countries' development policies. For example, we can see the impact of the Deauville Treaty in North...


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